Saturday, September 1, 2012


     As I’ve stated before, one of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to learn vocabulary words. The more you improve your vocabulary, the quicker you will learn your foreign language.  Grammar is important, but focusing on grammar only gets you frustrated.  Learning vocabulary actually gives you the power to communicate.  Just think of little kids when they want something....while they might not use Shakespearean grammar, a simple “hungee” is usually enough to communicate that the child is hungry.
     Trying to crack the nut on the best ways to learn vocabulary is tough.  I’m bias as I totally recommend my books.  www.excusemywhat.com will give you some ideas about my work using mnemonics.  But if there were one product that I would recommend without any hesitation, it would be a product that is totally free.  What product you ask?  QUIZLET!  Simply go to www.quizlet.com to try it out.  It is a computer based flashcard mega-source.  You can find already made flashcards for just about any language you might be studying.
   Once you sign up, you can track your progress, take tests, or simply play games to reinforce the list of vocabulary that you are studying.  Most of the time you can also have quizlet pronounce the words for you so that you not only practice your reading but also your listening comprehension.  I just recently downloaded the quizlet Ap on my IPhone and I just quizlet when I’m waiting for my wife to shop or while I’m waiting for my kids while they are at their music lessons.  On the application you can set it to automatic flashcard mode so that it will read the new term in your foreign language followed by the English version and then it will automatically go to your next word.  You can stop at any time to focus on a word that has been difficult for you to memorize.
     I especially like the games, like scatter.  Because it is internet based you can compete with anyone else in the world that also uses quizlet.  I like that because it gives me a challenge to match words as fast as possible.  
     Bottom line:  If you are trying to learn new vocabulary for anything -- foreign languages especially....use QUIZLET!  It is a terrific program.  I’d love to hear what anyone else has to say.  Got any similar experience using it?

    Don’t forget to check out my website.  I could use any helpful feedback you might have there as well.  www.excusemywhat.com

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