Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Arabic Vocabulary Made Easy

     Please check out my book.  For those who would like an easy way to learn Arabic Vocabulary this is it!     

     Vocabulary is key to understanding a language, yet memorizing vocabulary is one of the hardest tasks anyone can do. This book gives the reader an easy method of memorizing key Arabic vocabulary using mnemonics. By associating Arabic terms to clever phrases and unique allusions, any reader from beginning to advanced will almost instantly improve their vocabulary. And with over 300 words to work with, that vocabulary will soon be immense!

     Here are a few samples:

    Just think of a tattoo and the word “washm”  -- what would you tell someone trying to wash off their tattoos?  Hey dude, you can’t “washm” off!  Associating “washm” and what it sounds like in English with the word tattoo in Arabic --- makes learning easy.

     Here is another example:

     How easy is it to remember the word for “woodpecker” in Arabic when you remember it sounds like “knocker” -- which is exactly what a woodpecker is.  

    Overall my book has a ton of words that I hope you will find useful.  It is on amazon.com -- check it out.

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